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SALES team 
Always feels a needs in customer's place to provide an optimized total solution. Since our foundation (founded) (for the past 30 years), we have been striving to provide good products and services to various customers, and we promise to provide better services in the future.
Has been constantly improving activities based on the data obtained through exchanges and communication with domestic and overseas customers for the past. We are striving to accelerate the realization of customer satisfaction through the results derived from the effectiveness study.
R&D team 
Has established the largest optimized laboratory center for cryogenic in Korea, we are striving to improve the performance of existing products and develop new products. Commercialization of more than 30 types of verification activities that can be self-tested utility model registration, technology patent acquisition, contracts with global major companies, etc. Leading to achievements.
Produces the world's best products based on thorough procedures and accumulated special technology of Sangbong.