Based on EN1474-2, this product is used to transport LNG between ships and ships, and is mainly used in FSRU, LNGC, FSU, and flat form. LNG STS WHITE HOSE, which combines safety and effectiveness with Dolphinflex is unique technology, is the main product in this business.

It is a field that is expanding worldwide with the emergence of ships using eco-friendly fuels. LNG STS HOSE is used for LNG fuel injection in LNG propulsion vessels (container, tanker, bulk, etc.) and LNG Barge, and especially plays a key role in LNG BUNKERING VESSEL.

LNG ship to shore hose manufactured based on EN13766 regulations is a product for LNG powered vessels operating using LNG as fuel, and is now used in LNG fueled vessels, LNG trucks, and port terminals. It is characterized by being smaller than the LNG hose used in LNG bunkering vessels, and in some cases can follow ship to ship or ship to shore regulations.